Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Huge Reminder in a Little Play with Dolls

At the end of a day like today, all you can do is get down on the floor and boogie out a bit of playtime with your little loves.

Penelope and I are teaching a very exclusive ballet class.

Spinning in circles

Lillitha says that Elizabeth can do a perfect pirouette!

Classic grouchy face!!! Totally cracking me up. I cannot even remember what her grouchies were all about, but dude that is one funny face! I think our after Ballet High Tea Party must have not been up to par for dear Lilli girl.

American Girl has done some real planning as your gals can even hold their own tea party cups.

Zari is hoping that she can coerce Clara into joining in the fun.

When Lillitha said exclusive she meant it. She had hired Nishan and his Bionicle to be our bodyguards. It looks like Penelope must have been going undercover, as he is taking this job very seriously.

After tea time we went camping and feel asleep under the stars.

Zari has been distracted my the socks and is pretty sure they are hers.

She was so sad she could not get those little itty bitty things on her little feet. Sometimes we just cannot help but cry even when we are having fun!! She looked like this most of the day :( Poor gal feels way under the weather.

And, a little bit of momma snuggles to make everything ok. And this momma was trying to ensure that Lillitha and Momma's doll play was not ended a second to soon.

"I think I can, I think I can..."

She settled when we found her a pair of ballet slippers for her doll doll.

We said our good nights and thought we were also headed to lay our heads down.

When we thought it would be way more fun to play photography studio.
Credits go to Coral for the above and below photos.

Zari yelling at me throughout the shoot, "Tiiie iiit, Tiiie iiit!!!"
No longer the socks, but now the ballet slippers and they are not even hers, they are the dolls. Goodness me, she is a little fickle thing. Kinda like someone else I know ;)

Funny girl
The next two photos are courtesy of Nishan.

The girls

Silly girls
Next photo was photographed by Coral

My three littlest
I really hope that we are not posing with dolls in all of the family photos to come. But, we did have a blast tonight. It has been a long time since I have sat down and really played with the kids. Zari really wanted to skip dinner and play!!! Lillitha and her were having a grand time dressing the dolls with Coral earlier. After I scarfed down a bit of dinner, I followed her little waddling bottom up the stairs thinking of everything I needed to be doing to stay on track. I sorta begrudgingly grabbed a doll and started rummaging through the doll clothes to put together one rockin' outfit. At this point I was willing to do anything to keep her from crying. It is so sad when your little kids do not feel well. Lilltha made it upstairs a few minutes later and the party was in full force. Man, I forgot how good it feels to get down and play freely with my kids. I forgot how much we could laugh and hopefully cherish these memories. In those few minutes before Lillitha arrived I was fondly remembering playing with these very dolls with Coral when she was a wee one. Although she is not so wee anymore she joined in our fun spontaneously encouraging us to take our doll play to a whole new level. She helped to photo document it all and encouraged Nishan to come back after he was scorn for stabbing dear Penelope, hiring him on as our second photographer.
It was grand to step off the,"We need to be doing this and this and this platform". We played hard tonight and we still made it to our second gathering around the dinner table for a bit of drawing, read bedtime stories, and fell asleep all before 8:30pm. This momma definitely needs to loosen up a bit on the, " I need toos", and boogie down with the play time a lot more often than not!!!

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