Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sunshine & Fresh Air = Warmer Hearts

My little ones and I are having no trouble working the wonders of warm weather into our daily rhythm. Too many times I had heard myself murmuring, "but it is still winter!". Winter or not, we have sun and with sun comes many hours of soaking up the warmth.

I was enjoying the cool weather so much, that I had forgotten just how wonderful warm weather can be too.

Mother Nature seems to know better than I do what I need, as I definitely needed this warm weather to liven up what has been a few weeks of dreariness in our lives.

Watching all of these little feet hard at play, listening to the laughing & giggling, and even joining in the fun here and there allows me to escape the realities of what life is presenting us with right now.

I am ever so grateful at this turn in weather allowing the tune to change a bit around here, which was needed much to my obliviousness.

We are looking forward to many more warm days spent together outside together in the fresh air and sunshine.

Rain, Rain Go Away
Come Again Another Day
Sun, Sun Come and Play
Won't You Stay Another Day
Hoping that this warm weather is feeling much like a fresh breath of air like it is to us right now!

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