Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Very Simple but Superb Weekend

The weekend began with dinner out celebrating my husband's 35th birthday.

We love Taqueria Tepatitlan-

-it is a mere 2 1/2 block walk

-we always leave satisfied

-the kids are easily entertained with the 25 cent machines

We love you dear Coral even if you are feeling like we are the most strict parents in the world right now!

Love her, but is she not so 12?!?!

And this would be so 2!!!

My wonderful hubby calling me an a** for embarrassing him!
But what he heck is a birthday without the ta do???
We love this man and we wanted to celebrate him!!!
Lillitha missed out on the fun, as she was a sleepyhead.
Zari was concerned she would be sad, so she was trying to wake her to let her in on the fun.
The weekend drew to close with the most beautiful day.
We could not resist staying outside ALL day!
The skateboards were hauled out of the dusty hall closet.

Tricky gal she is.
Momma was a bit worried about no helmet.
First outing this week will be purchasing one that fits!
Figuring out to make it go.

Taking it seriously.
Santa showed up with one heck of a gift!

She is seriously contemplating "riding" the skateboard.
Nishan is working hard to ollie.

I can still glide slowly down the street.

And daddy can still ollie.

Zari settled for a bit of fun with momma.

She thought it was the coolest.

And than night fell and we began to slow down,

while watching the beautiful sunset.

But, I could not resist one last short ride down the block on my new ride.
Hoping you had a most wonderful weekend too!

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