Monday, January 17, 2011

I Was a Tad Mistaken

We were spending a lot of time indoors.

Learning the art of making friendship bracelets.

Beading jewelry

Working towards making these one day.
These are way cooler than when I first made a friendship bracelet.
I plan on making a few for myself.
Giving basket weaving a try.
It looks like a lot of fun, but is definitely very difficult.
We were having a lot of fun making messes all around our home keeping us more than content.
Please fast forward with us to today...
The weather has been beautiful the past few days, so we have been outside a lot.

The beach has been calling my name and talking to me in my dreams. I needed the beach.The beach is why I talked to my husband for 5 years everyday about moving.

One should not allow months to go by without digging their toes into the damp sand or smelling the sea salted air.

I go to the beach for me...the kids reap Mother Nature's rewards while I bask in all of her glory.

Spring is indeed on the horizon and saying good bye to Winter is looking to be easier than I thought just a mere week or so ago.
Feeling the balance between these two seasons chattering amongst themselves is the perfect place to enjoy the harmony between indoor and outdoor activities for awhile.
Mother Nature truly is amazing and if we pay attention closely it seems that she knows just when we have had enough of one season or another.

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