Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Bit of knitting Going on in these Parts

Many years ago I was majoring in Fashion Design while attending Junior College. One of our assignments was to learn the art of Knitting or Crocheting.
It did not go well, it actually went so terribly that my teacher recommended I stick with sewing.
A few years later I picked up a pair of needled again and shortly there after set them aside in frustration. This pattern continued until about a year ago. I decided it was high time that I knit like so many of my talented friends were. Still, I had a knitting block, but crocheting and I were becoming the best of friends. I had decided to join Craft Hope and send wash cloths to help clean off animals after the terrible BP oil spill. There it began, than I crocheted a blanket for my father, two rugs for my daughter, a sweater for a babe, and another 2 sweaters for my two youngest gals. Throughout all of my crocheting I still had a huge desire to knit.
I persevered and learned to knit. Now, I am not a knitter yet, but I have completed one beanie.

The beanie was supposed to look like this. I knitted up a purple one for my daughter before making this orange one for a birthday present. My daughters was knit up with a very very tight tension, so according to instruction from a employee at our local yarn store I went up a needle size. The beanie was no longer a Zsa Mask, but a sack over ones head. We needed to be at the party in an hour from me realizing this so I sewed up the years and added buttons making it just a beanie. Not really what I had envisioned but....

it works!
My daughter, Coral is a knitter! She begged me to buy her four skeins of yarn to knit up a purse out of the Teen Knitting Club book for herself. It called for three strands to be knitted together and she became very disinterested when they tangled into a huge knot 1/3 of the way into the body of her bag.

The tangled mess sat and sat and sat in our entryway. When I decided it was high time I learn to knit, I sat for 5 or 6 hours and untangled the mess and than knit up the purse.

It was the perfect project for me to begin with as it was all garter stitch and 2 rectangles! Now mind you I still have not sewn it together, but hey I got the hang of knitting. As soon as I sew it together I will be gifting it to my dear daughter whom was most unhappy with me for stealing her gig.

Here is the purple Zsa Mask that is much too tight of tension, but cute none the less.
It was time to make my guy something for his 7 birthday using Ann Norling pattern #55 for Head Huggers. I began this the day before true to my nature, but not something I recommend when you are in the process of learning to knit.

It was pretty easy to purl 3, knit 1 around and around you go, until I took a break to live life. I was not in love with the pattern from the beginning as I had envisioned something different for my little guy. When I skipped a stitch in my first round after picking it up again, I decided to rip it all out and begin a new using a pattern that I felt was more fitting and much more relaxing to knit.

I prefer to keep my hands busy during the day with a no nonsense no counting project. I save the thinking stuff for the times I am ensured not to be interrupted. Above are the beginnings to a Basic Roll Brim Hat out of Teen Knitting Club.
Hoping my first hat goes well, as I have another birthday gift due January 14 that I have yet to begin. Yep, you guessed it! It is another beanie indeed.
Do you notice the pile growing larger of the half undone projects I am accruing? Maybe I should sew up a few of these first? Do you think?

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