Monday, January 3, 2011

Our Small Change for 2011

Our Small Change for January 2011

Sometimes we pile to many hopes for ourselves on our current list of what we are striving for. When we do this we tend to start out really strong and find ourselves petering out pretty quickly.

With that said we are once again starting out a New Year with many high hopes.

Today, we are sharing our One Small Change for 2011.

To stick with high hopes we kinda sorta have two small changes this month. I will begin with the simple our family is going to compost again! Yes, I said again. We began our first compost in Ventura at our first home. It was really pretty cool. We got a bin free through the city from Green Thumb. My husband attended a composting class at the Home School Conference we went to that year and so it began. It was actually went pretty well, until we decided to move a few blocks and made the mistake of leaving our dear compost pile and bin to be forgotten. So very very sad. But, you grow and learn, so they say.

This very fine month our goal is to begin a new compost pile here in our home, where we are committed to sticking it out for awhile. We are a bit stuck and would love any ideas, advice, or your experiences as to how you compost. As I mentioned we used a bin last time. We have read a bit, and visited a few garden supply stores, and well we really are not sure what way we want to go. I am leaning towards the composter that you can manually turn (I really just want something fool proof!). My husband says just figure it out and let's get it started already!

The second change for this month is driving less, with high hopes of each month throughout the year driving less and less until we are ultimately car free by December 2011.

To begin this month we are walking to all of our classes, errands, and fun stuff that are located on the West side of town. For all the stuff on the East side we will continue to drive. Our hope is to not use the car at all 3-4 times a week. I would love for it to be more, by making a conscience effort to group errands, classes, and fun stuff all together that are within close proximity together when using the car. Within a few months I would like to be either taking the bus for our East side trips or better yet biking. We are currently in the market for a Woman's Bike and Two Kiddo Bike Trailer that we can convert into a stroller. Oh, and please do not let me forget the grocery cart with the wheels (we see the elderly using them often). I went to the grocery store with the 2 kiddos and a stroller on Sunday. Well, both kiddos fell asleep leaving me no room to squeeze the groceries onto the stroller. I was a site trying to push a stroller and carrying 4 Sacs of groceries in nylon bags that kept slipping off of my shoulders.

This brings me to last months small change. Ok, so obviously the Envirosax are getting a bit of use. I have been doing better than previously with whipping out the reusable bag when checking out, but still have a bit of room to improve. There are those times when I am a human and it slips my mind, till I have gotten home to think to myself, "Ahh..dangit!!! Forgot the reusable bags!". To be human.

We began our goals on January 1, 2011 and thank goodness still going strong ;)

What will you do for your One Small Change and Please feel free to leave a comment with anything you got on composting or going car free. We really want to succeed this time around!!!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year and Hoping You Reach Your 2011 Goals!

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