Saturday, May 7, 2011

*Day 2* Lillitha’s 5th Birthday


Lillitha woke up 5 on May 1st, 2011. She began the day earnest to begin celebrating. We dressed in our party clothes, watched our gal open gifts, and gathered our things for a day spent at Knott’s Berry Farm.



IMG_4606Dressed to party, we immediately hit the rides and it was non-stop fun till night fall.IMG_4607IMG_4608IMG_4614IMG_4615

Grandma is on the lookout for these two little devils after they got her good a few moments before. Nishan was speeding around circles, IMG_4617IMG_4619

Aunt Lauren was pondering her next attack and Coral was on a lovely Sunday stroll thinking of herself in a few years.


Lillitha’s favorite ride of the day…solely based on the fact it never had a line.



The little sisters spent much of their day celebrating in Camp Snoopy sans long lines and HUGE roller coasters.





Grandma did the planning, momma did the sewing, Daddy and Auntie did the driving, IMG_4647IMG_4650


and all of us partied like it was 1999.




Wishing our girl a most wonderful 5th year…

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