Friday, May 13, 2011

KCWC Spring 2011 Day 5


Welcome to Day 5 of Kids Clothing Week Challenge. I decided it was best for my first time joining a challenge such as this that I keep it simple. Keeping it simple meant for me, that I was using patterns I am comfortable with, or patterns that I could use without having to learn or even relearn techniques, making things that I was certain my kids would wear, and using what I have on hand (outside of matching thread and bias tape).


It cannot get anymore simple than a gathered neckline pillowcase top, paired with pajama pants. The fabric I used from my stash was originally intended for use as a baby blanket for Lillitha. Not only will my girl not be snuggling it to sleep but she will not be sleeping in it as it is way to cute!!! She will be one comfy chicken in such a loose top and pj pants to boot. Goodness me, what wonders and magic “fabric” can play into making such a simple sew up look so fantabulous.  Hey, at least the fabric still went to its’ intended user.

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