Thursday, May 12, 2011

KCWC Spring 2011 Day 3


Oh me oh my it is Day 3 of the challenge and Miss Zari is making out like a bandit.

She pretty much likes anything she sees me make. The older kiddos on the other hand have a lot of opinions regarding what they “want” made. Imagine that???


So, for day 3 I threw together a Pillowcase Top using Amanda Soule’s pattern in Handmade Home and fancied up a pair of Pajama Pants using Heather Ross’ Weekend Sewing pajama pants pattern for everyone.


I bought this pillowcase a while ago with intention to make it into exactly this. I really like the handwork and the simple white.


While out and about yesterday, I stopped by the local fabric store to pick up a few things I needed to complete kcwc. On the top of my list was bias tape. Yep, you guessed it, you will be seeing a few more of these pillowcase tops/ dresses this week. Anyway, they were seriously out of every color I had in mind to match my pillowcases. So, I went with red keeping my fingers crossed I would not be bummed out thinking it looked too Valentines Day or Xmas like.


Ta da! It so does not look too holiday to me and low and behold check out the red pants I whipped up using scraps from the scrap stash and trims from the trim stash.

I LOVE when an ends and odds project, out of the stash bucket come together so well.

This week is thus far a ton of fun, though My older three would like in on the fun. So please stay tuned, there will be “bigger” items with a ton of input from the “big littles” showcased in the next few days.

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