Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 7 KCWC Spring 2011

Sewn on Day 7, written and posted today due to internet circumstances on Day 7.


Another infamous Pillowcase Outfit.

I made this outfit using two pillowcases, one for the top and one for the pants.


When I buy things such as these pillowcases while thrifting it is always on impulse of where my imagination takes me. And it seems to always take to me a big, open, wide field with one of my girls adorned in such an outfit frolicking along without a care in the world.


Thanks to KCWC Spring 2011 we are one step closer to making my “dream” come true. But in real life it just might be all of my girls frolicking together with one lone boy spying on his sisters easily camouflaged.


And here is a close up of why I LOVE making pillowcase pants so very much. They never need hemming!!! By the way the shirts do not either.

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