Monday, May 9, 2011

KCWC Spring 2011 Day 1

Today is the first day of Kids Clothes Week Challenge 2011. I am super duper excited to have run across this just yesterday. I have been rummaging in my brain for ideas of what we are going to do for clothing when we go to Florida in August, where not only will it be ridiculously humid but we have decided to be thrifty and aim to take only our carry ons.

So when I am across the kcwc, it hit me, I will make myself and the kids clothing. All the girls need are 9 sundresses or tanks with skirts or shorts. Totally doable in an hour a day. My boy will be just as easy with embroidered tees and shorts. Also simple to do with an hour a day. HA, perfect, right?


I have been tripping, walking, or simply swearing at the above mess for about a week now. It is an ongoing pile that comes and goes while we continue to spring clean and haul our no longer needed, wanted, used items to the local thrift stores. If you look closely you can see our shower curtain with a blue bird sitting folded up all pretty, waiting really patiently while looking gorgeous for me to pick it up and tuck it into a closet somewhere. She was not ready to leave our family and honestly I really was not ready to chuck her out just yet, even with the yucky stains on her bottom hem.


While at the dentist office today, I was pondering what I would make with my hour of sewing time. My youngest has been wearing the above dress I made for my 5 year old last year pretty often. She asks to wear it as soon as she spots that it is clean. I figured that I might be able to bust out the Flower Girl Dress out of Heather Ross’ Weekend Sewing in an hour being that the pattern was already traced, cut out, and ready to be used again. Double bonus was that I have made this dress before, so I was familiar with the pattern.


TA DA!!! I did not throw my lovely shower curtain to the thrift gods, I up cycled her and boy are the three of us thrilled. (Three of us- Myself, shower curtain, and Zari)


I am pretty sure that this little darling dress here would have been done in an hour if it were not for the above pain in my bootie skinny tiny straps kapooie. Oh me oh my, I do believe that one their own they may have taken me an hour to turn right side. But, they are done, and my sweeties Day 1 kcwc is finished.


I do believe that the pattern of my sweet blue bird shower curtain compliments the simplicity of this little dress. Zari will be looking absolutely fab strolling the mean streets of Florida in her new momma made smock.


Ahem, perfect is right!!! Outside of the extra hour it took to rig this baby up. Cross cancelling that out, is the perfection of how very tiny this little “outfit” can be folded up and packed into a backpack most suitable for a 2 year old to tote on an airplane millions of miles from home.


I am already giddy with ideas for another beloved shower curtain tucked away in the depths of our home. This week is going to be a fun one. Please come back and see what else we will be packing in our carry ons.

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Sabrina said...

Beautiful dress - LOVE that you recycled the shower curtain. I'm all about recycling! Here from KCWC flickr group. :)