Sunday, May 22, 2011


“Welcome to LEGOLAND. You are welcome to park in our V.I.P. Volvo parking.”


My sister and I could not stop laughing. Ha!, there are indeed perks to driving a 20 year old car.


Is that insane or what? All of that shebang behind my boy is, umm….MADE OUT OF LEGOS!!! Can you believe that? I cannot.


But, I can believe that this is made out of sand. My kids agreed…


The Lego elephant was way more impressive. Go figure, guess that is what happens when you live near the beach.

Moving on we just became more and more in awe of the ridiculously cool things made out of Legos. I apologize for this post being so picture heavy, but dude LEGOLAND is absolutely amazing!!!


IMG_4753Harry Potter and Hagrid, yep you guessed it, all built out of Legos. So perfect, as we are reading the series as bedtime stories right now and are looking forward to Harry Potter world in August. Just cannot get enough of the magic.IMG_4758

IMG_4759We were told they had a little something for everyone, and they were not kidding. A nice break in the day for a bit of water squirting.IMG_4760

Time-out, I think I may have lost my children…

Thank goodness, on to more fun…


We sure do love to seek out fun wherever we may find it…

Having so much fun is really hard work. Thank goodness we have help in tow if it is ever needed…

Hmmm….pass or fail?


And, they passed. Guess it does not matter that many stop signs were run and old’ granny drove so slow she was holding up traffic.

{Star Wars}

This stuff was crazy cool! Thinking some reading on Star Wars maybe next in-line after Harry Potter.

{A Trip Around America}

Being that Star Wars got a bit boring for a few of us, we decided coming back down to earth and exploring our home country would be fun.


We survived the Star Wars battle, how will we hold up in the San Francisco earthquake?

Yahoo, we must be cats with 9 lives. Maybe we will star in a cat food commercial…

Dancing & eating our way through New Orleans…

Moving onward and upward…

What happens in Vegas, stays in…

It twas’ a grand tour of our home America. But the fun was not over yet…


Yep, you guessed again, ALL Legos. Is that insane? Yes, yes it is!

{Time for a bit of rides}

The littles and the mommas like to frolic and play while the big kids get their fill of coasters.

By the end of the day we were delirious from all of the fun.

To bad the Volvo V.I.P parking did not miraculously, magically transform our car into this Lego mobile.


I cannot say enough wonderful things about LEGOLAND!!! It was a blast, it was inspiring, it was magical, it was good wholesome fun. One could not ask for more in an amusement park.

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