Monday, November 29, 2010

Staying Here Right Now

I am looking forward to so much this season. This time of year brings so many celebrations and gatherings. I love coming together with family and friends and celebrating life. Life is precious and I forget this too easily much of the time. Recently, I have been taking the time to be mindful of the present. A season of much celebrating and gathering brings with it haste and waste. I do not want to waste the time I have right now, because I am rushing to make the future a bit brighter. This is not easy for me, as I pretty much have spent most of my life rushing to get all my to dos done, so I can relax and be present without worry at x,y, and z.
A few weeks ago I was folding towels and realized I was really enjoying myself. It was not the act of folding towels per say, it was taking the time to be relaxed, not rushed, and present with my thoughts while folding. I was not thinking about what I was going to do next, or where I needed to be later that day, or who I needed to call. It was as simple as letting my mind go and heading in the same direction.
Low and behold, you might not believe it, but I sat down later that day and still had plenty of time to relax over a cup of coffee with some friends.
Each day I have made a bit of time to purposefully chill for a bit with my family giving them 100% of myself, as well as staying present while doing my daily "chores", and than taking a bit more time when all are asleep to relax by myself after a hard days work. I have found that this still leaves me plenty of time to keep envisioning my future and my wheels turning to get me there.
I hope that you are able to slow down a bit this season and meander awhile in your present.

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