Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Part 2: The Big Birthday Present Post

I cannot believe W is 1 year old!!! Time seems to be "flying" faster than an airplane at this point. I frequently reminisce this time of year last year. What we were doing, how we were feeling, the weather, thoughts on just about a bit of everything. The only thing I am sure of is that I did not feel that there was crunch that I am feeling this year. Can you believe that in less than 12 days it will be December. I cannot!!! This week we are focusing on finishing up Thanksgiving crafts, than immediately moving on to Hanukkah, than straight into Christmas without a breath. Whew, busy busy little elves around here. However, I guess this does mean we will not be at a loss for topics to share in this little space.

Onto the topic of this post! The Birthday Boys gift:

I had planned on making a sweater for W, but while perusing the Fabric Store for a whole other project, I laid eyes on the jungle fever fabric. I needed to buy it and I needed to make something for the Birthday Boy out of it, as well as a little something for my girls. Oh me oh my how do I love this print, and how do I love how it all turned out!!! It was really simple as pie and totally rewarding! I love when the simplest idea is also the simplest to put together.

The more I sew the more I learn the little tricks of the trade that not only make things easier but gives it a bit of a professional, I did not do this at home trick. I used a product similar to heat and bond to attach the animal faces to the tees before doing a straight stitch around all four sides. The "Heat and Bond" allowed the animal patch to stay in place and not wrinkle or botch itself while I sewed it in place. I am now always always going to have "Heat and Bond" in the craft room.
To make the pants I used the Huck Finn Pant pattern out of Heather Ross' Weekend Sewing book. I am familiar with this pattern as I have made more than a handful of pants using this pattern and each time I grow a little more happy with the outcome. I am most happy this time, as the sewing went without a glitch.
As I was completing the outfit, I realized that the Birthday Boy was not really going to enjoy our gift. You know it was more of a momma pleaser than a kiddo pleaser. So, I threw together a few bean bags using the animal patch squares. T already shared a picture of him enjoying them, so I am glad that I followed through with the toy addition to the present.
And, here is the grand finale!!! I made this crocheted sweater!!! I am proud can you tell??? I am laughing as I am generally not big on the bragging issue, but dude I have been trying to crochet or knit something anything for someone to wear for about two years and I finally did it. Now mind you this sweater is constructed out of six rectangles that are half double crocheted and than simply sewn together. The sewing together was the hardest part for me, not too sure why, but whatever it is done and gifted and it fits! Now, I am just keeping my fingers crossed it makes it through a wash or two or three would be better.

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Anonymous said...

Wow...I'm definitely impressed! I always think I want to try to knit or crochet something but it seems really hard. Homemade gifts are the best!