Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A few WIP's and a few (cheering) I am all dones

I am way excited and also currently holding my breath for the final outcome of this rug. It is one of two rugs I crocheted for my eldest daughter who will be turning 12 in just two days. I had planned on sharing her presents in a single blog post, but just could not resist sharing a few tonight. I finished the last round of this rug just this afternoon while crocheting two or three stitches and than reading two or three sentences of Dr. Seuss to Nishan while waiting for Lillitha at ballet. Totally hysterical. He is sitting with the book on his lap patiently listening to this very broken storey while I keep thanking him and apologizing while also keeping an eye on Zari. She was having a time of trying to love on a little girl also waiting for her big sister, but was not so keen on catering to the little one who was ready and willing to play right then and there.

I was super determined to get this rug finished and not have to make another trip to the store for yarn. So, as you can see I completed the last forty or so stitches with a look of it's own.

I will indeed be sharing pictures of both rugs once they have been washed and dried.
Lillitha is taking ballet with the All American Ballet Company here in Ventura. She has been cast in and accepted two parts in The Nutcracker playing a Baby Mouse and a Little Girl in the party scene. As a parent you are required to sign up for two volunteer jobs. I decided with four kiddos it was probably best I do something I could do in the comforts of my own home and in my own time. So, I signed my name up for Alterations and Back Stage Mom. My definition of alterations and theirs are very different. I am in the process of finishing up the three dresses below when I will than be making two Big Mice jumpers. We are talking from start to finish no directions, just a here is the fabric and you take it from there.

Thankfully, a wonderful friend of mine who knows me well, took my kiddos off my hands for a few hours yesterday when I got the dresses to where you see them pictured below. I never ever thought in a million years I would feel refreshed after dropping my kids off and going home to sew dresses that I really had no intention of doing anyway. But folks, let me tell you, it was not only refreshing, but it felt really really wonderful!!! Thank you dear friend for knowing that I needed the shove to get my fingers sewing. You were right it was not as hard as I had thought, and it was totally rewarding.
Having a rather large family I find that I am pretty selfish and do not make the time I would like to give back to the community. Although, this is not what I ever imagined I would be doing as charity work, it is just that. All American Ballet Company is a non profit organization, they offer scholarships to families and right now this is where I can help out a little bit. Maybe later when we are all grown we will be serving food to the Homeless on Christmas.
The same friend I mentioned above created her first pdf and emailed me the directions to make Fall Harvest Necklaces. Her boys and her have decided to make Fall Garland using dried Indian Corn, Carrots, Beans, a few other things.

The kids and I decided today after realizing our cranberries are rotten as I had intended on doing this a few weeks ago, we are going to use just the corn and make necklaces. Our kernels are currently soaking and I cannot believe how much fun they had taking them off the cob.

Taking care of "Business" tends to be troublesome in our family at times, creating more turmoil than I would like. So again, under the shared thoughts of that wonderful same friend I decided to make an "Our Business" chart. I really wanted it to be something that was not an eyesore to me because I felt it needed to be in a common area of our home.
The beginning of the two rows that belong to each kiddo has their name next to it and each pocket has the letter that begins their name in hopes to avoid any confusion. In each pocket it a picture relating to one piece of business they are responsible to take care of. Once they have finished that thing they can move that "job" to the last pocket. At the end of each day we talk about and look at what they did or did not do and discuss any changes that may need to be made.
I am not totally happy with the way the chart turned out on my end, but it does seem to help a bit when the kids decided they just do not feel like doing something. It is just enough incentive for my 4 and 6 year old. My eldest just kinda ignores the whole thing along with ignoring some of her jobs.
In the world of accomplishing things.

Here are a few pictures of this and that:

A little corny but the kids and I love the scary, furry, monster.
Zari loved Trick or Treating and carried this little bag further than my husband and I could of ever imagined. She really really worked hard for her rewards!
Lillitha used her Witch bag to collect her Halloween loot. I think my attraction to it is far more than hers. I just love the little boots, the front
and back.
My favorite is the lining!
"Trouble Gum", "Coffin Drops", and "Baby Ruthless"
Lillitha and I had picked out yarn and pattern for a sweater for her to wear on Halloween over her Ballerina costume. Unfortunately I am not Super Woman and it did not even get started.
On the afternoon of our Halloween Party I decided to throw this little coat together. For the pattern I cut up and old long sleeve t-shirt and cut a pattern from it. I am in love with this little thing. Lillitha not so much! She actually balled it up and stuck it into the trash can.
I guess the saying goes,"You win some and you lose some". I think I should of better prioritized my crocheting and busted that little cardigan out for her.
Holidays are coming and that sweater is on the top of the crochet list.
Before the Holidays there are few birthdays and some more crafting to be had!!!


cmbrunker said...

Way to go! What an amazing accomplishment. You've been busy!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and fun crafts! I especially love the rug, Lilly's bag, and what you said about giving back.

Amy Albertson