Monday, November 22, 2010

A Look at that, "Whole Lotta Girl I Mentioned"

We have been blessed with three girls who are 12, 4, and just shy of 2! (Oh my could it already be that time?) As I am sure you can imagine Miss Lillitha (4) and Miss Zari (1) think their big sista' is just the coolest of cool. And, well you know what? She is one pretty awesome big sister! She takes her big sister role seriously and tonight the love was in full force. After a lovely Thanksgiving Feast with friends, she really wanted to relax.

I am pretty sure she planned on taking a shower and sticking her cute little nose in a book until we called it lights out, but instead she cued into the elders needing help. Did I just admit that I needed help? Yes, I said I needed a bit of help! Coral totally stepped up and took her two little sisters on the best Spacation of their lives!!!
The girls began their relaxing night in a warm bath! We all love the original cast iron tub in our little humble abode. While sweeping and picking up, I heard lots if giggles and sharing of the days events.

After hopping out of the bath, they jumped in jammies, and this is when the real fun began. Hair was brushed and pulled back making sure it would not be in the way of beauty time.

Than the masks were applied.

While waiting for the masks to do the dirty work Coral morphed into a manicurist and painted away.

While nails dried, their beautiful faces were wiped clean, and the little girls were ready for story time. As, they sat in the couch and listened to Coral read, I was reminded of the beauty of the sibling relationship.

These three girls have each other forever to share giggles, tears, and dreams with each other. So, so, so very sweet.

And not to mention how well, this works for us parents, when we really really want to pick up from a hard days work having fun celebrating!!!

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