Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Instead of a big fat post I give you Gratitude

I am so tired right now that everything I want and intended to share in this space today is just not going to happen. So, in the near future there may be a stream of some very "Fat" posts!!! I still need to share Coral's twelfth birthday rugs, all that I am racking up my little creative room this week (which I am dying to share), and a bit about what we did today. Stay tuned folks as we are having a ton of fun around here right now!!!
Tonight I leave you with my night in Gratitude:
~My dear husband working his Heine off the last few days. xoxoxo
~Some very good snuggles with each of my kiddos separately throughout the day. Ohhh, how I do not want those memories to be so fleeting.
~My dad and I chatted twice on the phone today :)
~I met my "Gift To Do List Goals" and did not let the rest of our lives slip.
~We are committed for the second time to the 30 Day No Eating Out Challenge and making it happen thus far.
~Jason and I ate dinner alone in our own kitchen last night while the kids were at a Birthday Celebration. It was so wonderful to be able to finish sentences and have complete thoughts.
~I have begun take my morning shower and night showers. Two things I love to do for myself. It gives me a few minutes with my own, uninterrupted thoughts to begin and end each day.
~I am so delighted that my family and I are feeling for the most part in a good rhythm with each other. These times come and go and while they are here I hope to really relish in them.
Good Night, I could go on and on and on!!!! These are the things that are in the for front right now. I now we live beyond well in the grand scheme of life, but it really is the small things that seem to pass to quickly.

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Anonymous said...

Those are great things to be thankful for! Glad you had a special dinner with Jason, that you are doing the 30 day thing with me, and most of all that you and Dad got back to chatting like you had been!

Amy A.