Saturday, November 13, 2010

Where My Brain Has Been

I have one heck of a busy week. I cannot wait to lay my head to sleep tonight! I have not felt this tired in long time. I think the adrenaline of needing to meet a personal set deadline has kept my in high gear and now that it has worn off I am zonked.

As I mentioned in an earlier post I was working on a few Birthday Boy gifts and Birthday Momma gifts this week. I am so happy to announce I finished all of them and felt the love running through my fingers while making them. I cannot wait to share with you what I came up with and where I got all of my inspirations! Just like the, Ahem' rugs, that will all have to wait for another post as we have not yet given and received these handmade goodies.

We joined a 30 Day No Eating Out Challenge for the second time. When we first signed on so to speak, I mentioned that we would be going out of town and probably not participate during those couple of days. Those couple of days squeaked up on us pretty quickly, like tomorrow. So, I spent A LOT of time this week preparing our food for the three days we will be out of town. My husband was originally going to go with us and I felt that we all could use a mini vacation with our level of extravagance...eating out being on the top of that list. Unfortunately, he is not able to come for a few different reasons and so I decided that we would stick with the 30 Day No Eating Out Challenge for our short trip out of town.

I made a pretty simple menu based on 3 meals a day and 2 snacks. I made sure to make things that could stick it out in a ice chest and could do without being heated. Making the menu was fun and cooking was more rewarding than I had thought.

Looking back on our week, we spent a great deal of time preparing for a few days out of town. I never thought I would need a week to prepare for a few days away before having 4 children. I am laughing to myself as I write this. A- Not one of my kiddos is capable of understanding how much it takes to keep things rolling around here and B- To be totally honest, I am not sure that I grasp everything that needs to get done around here, because if I did I would die from anxiety as it too much for me to even consider getting done. (If I clean, I do not craft, and If I craft, I do not clean)

Life is good, very good right now. My family has A LOT to be grateful for and I am so happy that "they" all make it possible for me to check off all of my "to dos"!!!

This weeks Highlights are:

-Lots and lots of laundry was folded and put away (We are a fimly of 6)

-Lots and lots of dishes were washed and put away after all of those meals were cooked that made those dishes dirty.

-Things were crafted from scratch and things were finished that had been in the to do pile for a year.

-A shower was cleaned and tow toilets were scrubbed.

-Classes were attended

-A car recieved and Oil Change

-Bags were packed

And we are off to begin a new week with adventures more than a few hundred miles from home. I am hoping they are more exciting than a few of the above highlights ;)


Kari said...

"If I clean, I do not craft, and If I craft, I do not clean"
lol! That's how it works for me, too, when I finally make room in my schedule for crafting!

I admire your dedication to your 30-day no eating out challenge, and to doing all you do for your family.

Also, I think you are such a wonderful friend and it makes me happy to know you are there modeling such good friend behavior for the rest of us! :)

Finally, thanks for inspiring me to think about doing my own blog, even if I haven't actually put any time into it lately! But I liked talking with you about it the other day, and it made me feel I can eventually get that act together. :)

Tawnya said...

You are an AMAZING friend. The pure nature of your friendship shows through the way you plan and give selflessly. I love you and appreciate the treasures you poured your love and talent into <3 Thank You...from the bottom of my heart. T--

***now give yourself the credit you deserve and get the pics of that fabulous stuff up here!!!!!!

Beatriz said...

Belinda I admire you so much, and you inspire me to dig deeper and be better.