Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Mom Paid and Unexpected Visit

I was not going to blog today, than I was, than I was not, and now I here I sit.

My mom called earlier than she usually does, so that means really early!

Me: Are you already out? You are not Black Weekend Shopping are you?

Mom: No, I am coming to see you!

Me: Really, you are heading to my house?

Mom: Yes, only because you will not come see me.

Of course true to me, I became defensive explaining why I had not decided to head to their (Dad and Her) house tomorrow.

Mom: I am only joking!

Me: Oh ok, than cool cannot wait to see you!

She arrived while I was in the shower, so I got to miss the best part of my kids screaming at her all at the same time in excitement, while she doles out all of her granny gifts! Totally hysterical although I did not think so till very recently.

We headed out in anticipation that Lillitha had her morning Ballet class, only to find it had been cancelled due to Thanksgiving. Not sure how I missed that one, but thanks a lot Thanksgiving. Although her afternoon rehearsal had not been cancelled, so we had a few hours to spare.

Spare nothing!! I have been laid out for just about a week and feel like I may never catch up. So, really this was all a Blessing in disguise. I have a lot of those, as long as I step back and look at life as a panorama.

Anyway, we headed out to pick up a few things for the Mice Costumes I mentioned awhile back, a few skeins of yarn for a few sweaters I hope to have under the tree, and the refill shoppe to fulfill me laundry duties.

Is that totally breaking the No Shopping Black Weekend thing I have going on? I think not, as I NEEDED these things, well maybe not the yarn. But we did shop small store local owners! That is always a plus.

The point is not whether I broke my no shopping alliance I had with myself, because I would of totally broke it if it meant my mom and I could have another day together like we did today!!! I had a really nice time with my mom. It felt like our days spent together before things happened with my dad. I am so happy my mom is staying home and going to school. She was also working full time until a month or so ago.

She looks great, is acting a whole heck of a lot more like herself, and is so much fun to be around again!!! YEAH MOM!!! I think she has made the best choice for her and my father and I see that they are both reaping the benefits.

An impromptu visit from my mom is exactly what I needed and she overfilled my cup with her love and gratitude for our family today! Love you mom and hope you had just as much cup filling love and fun that I did!!! xoxoxo

Sometimes I do believe that we never outgrow our need to feel our parents love for us.

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Anonymous said...

I'm happy you had quality time with your mom. These are times to relish...