Friday, November 12, 2010

Corners of Our Home

I am unaware of who might have been the first to introduce "Corners of Our Home", but I have come across a handful of fellow Bloggers sharing, a "corner" of their home, and I enjoy this little glimpse into their homes they share. So, today I bring you to a Corner of Our Home.
I cannot tell you how much time my husband and I have spent perusing Craigslist rental ads, finding the "perfect" rental home, called to take a peak inside, set my heart on it, only to come down from that excitement "high" to learn it was just not meant to be.
Today was one of those days. I paid our rent a few days ago and eyed a new rental they had advertised in the office. All of a sudden, I felt those "we are moving" wheels turning. I had a deep gut feeling that moving was not a good choice as my husband and I recently vowed to stick it out here for at least 5 years. But, the wheels just kept gaining momentum. So much so that I drove to the property twice today. My husband and I recently have decided to run every big change by my dad, as we think we suck at making these decisions, because it is clearly impossible for us to be rational. We get so excited and run with it, we have the negative blinders on, and he does not. He seemed a little reluctant, asking a lot of questions, saying some things that we needed to really think about, and others that I needed to immediately toss out the window (no chuck out the window!!!) He came up with some real dosies today!!! Anyway, upon seeing the inside and chatting with our landlord, it is not for us.
I called my husband immediately after learning that the stars were not aligned for this move. The first words out of my mouth were, "We are indeed staying put for 5 years!" I than proceeded to go on a rant about how it is totally ridiculous that we have spent all of this time looking for the other places to live when we are blessed with a wonderful rental that fits all of us plus some (plus a lot of junk)! See, I totally suck at the whole being present thing!!!
I began this post quite some time ago, but placed it on the back burner as it never felt right when I laid my thoughts and fingers to the keyboard. Corners of our home called out to me tonight. I needed a reminder of why I do indeed love our home. (Could someone please bulldoze the apartments in back so we could have a huge backyard? Pretty please with a cherry on top!!!)
So here is a peak into one of the corners of our home:
A Place I Hold Near and Dear to My Heart

Our Bedroom, My Sanctuary

Our family spends a tremendous amount of time in this space. We generally end up with 5 of us curled up together on any given night, and if number 6 wakes early enough she joins in the warmth. Old man winter has descended upon us, so tonight myself and the four kiddos curled up together reading till each of them fell asleep in the shared warmth.

We inherited our furniture from our in-laws. The mirror was a gift from my mom and dad. I enjoy that most pieces in our room have a story to share.
These two pictures were in my dear friends living room when I first met her many years ago and now they are hanging next to where I lay my head to sleep. My sister donated her reading lamp. Our kiddos create a lot of art, I try to find small places to adorn our home with it. Here we have 2 of Coral's and 1 of Nishan's masterpieces.
My husband and I married nearly 8 1/2 years ago. xoxo We began our marriage spending a few days in San Diego courtesy of my Uncle. While walking down the boardwalk we spotted this artist painting. On our last day we happened upon him again and decided to buy two prints. Oh, how delighted I am we did! This has sorta become the thing we do when we take a vacation, although we do not take many.
I enjoy beginning and ending my day reminded of where "all" of "this" began.
And here we are beginning this journey called marriage and family together. Goodness, do I love this man!!! I am blessed that he came into Coral's and my life and I never want to forget that special day when we said our, "I dos".
This candle holder was a gift at a White Elephant party that I went to a few years back while living in Fresno.
4 children and 1 Belly Cast! This is my preggo belly with Zari. LOVE IT!!! When I first came across Belly Casting I felt that it was kinda cool, but it would just end up needing to be stored. Well, folks I was wrong!!! This means just as much to me as the Honeymoon and Wedding Day prints. Our room is absolutely where it belongs and for now I see it staying just where it is for quite sometime.
The most recent addition to our room (which really is not that recent at all) is our blanket. I want to call it a quilt, but I do not think it is actually a true quilt. I used vintage sheets that I bought on numerous trips to the Thrift Store and bought pre-quilted fabric for the back. My husbands very adamant request, he loves the diamond pre-quilted fabrics??? But really out of all things who am I to argue with that???
When I recently changed the decor a bit in our home and moved a few rooms around, this is what came about with our sanctuary. Right now it is my favorite room in the house, although the living room is a close runner up. My hubby came home and straight away hung the newly sewn curtains to hide more living room junk after hearing we were staying put. What I enjoy most about our bedroom is the warmth and freshness I feel when in it. I believe this is because most of the decor and even furniture has purpose whether it be for sleeping or for evoking emotion. I hope to one day create this throughout our entire home.
Thank you for coming inside and taking a peak! Next time I have an itch to move, I think I will invite you back in for a peak into another corner of our home.

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You have a wonderful home.