Thursday, November 11, 2010

Crack of Dawn Crafting

The past few morning we have been crafting up a storm. When I say mornings, I am talking as I hear the gurgling of the coffee pot. This means as I am pulling out the craft supplies while my eyes are seriously half way opened. The rest of my body is thinking it should most definitely not be standing vertical, but horizontal still sawing Zs. When your littles are calling to craft at this unheard time of day, I believe and coax you to pull out any diy kits that you might have tucked away. I think we may have busted through all of the ones I had hidden. There is no doubt in my mind next time I run across the 90% off clearance I will be picking up not just 1, 60 cent kit per kiddo, more like 10!
Nishan painted a bat while I sipped coffee and cooked breakfast. Did I mention that this is so worth the effort because kids are pretty quite with tunnel vision when you set paints in front of them.
Lillitha chose a Menorah that kept her busy for a whole 2 mornings!!!
Have you ever tried to keep the youngest of 4 out of the mix? Well, this little firecracker will not be having any of that!!!
Nishan opted to help out with the Chocolate Chip Banana Bread this morning.
He does not hold back, he was right there taking in the whole experience every step of the way.
I really enjoy our mornings together. I know I mention this a lot and focus on it a lot, but how we begin and end our days is somewhat like the domino effect in our household. Some of my fondest memories as a child are my mornings with my father and my evenings with my mother.
My mom gave the kids a Thanksgiving Turkey kit. My first and very judgmental thought was, seriously??? Gimme a break, what fun is there in a kit that really does not give a lot room to use ones imagination?
It was one of those way to early mornings for me, when I decided to throw it on the kitchen table. All of my kids enjoyed this one. It was something simple, exact, and yet time consuming. Nobody complained, and there is a bit of variation to each of them. Either way, it did no harm and they had fun. Fun is the key word here. I am not sure that my cheap self would pay full price, but definitely would load up at the 90% off time.
Coral is my eldest and a perfectionist and sprinter all at the same time.
Nishan loves to just get things done, not a lot of messing around in the craft area. Lillitha takes her time while always giving it her personal flair.

Zari loves glue and a lot of it. After she floods each of her pieces with glue she creates a mountain of art.
Our Indian Corn Necklaces are coming along at a snails pace. The kids loved the idea, but had a really hard time stringing them.
Coral roughed it for awhile until she decided a bracelet was good enough.
Nishan opted to make an Indian Corn building. He was testing out his Architectural Skills, to see if they were hereditary or not.
Lillitha was carefully laying out her pattern for me to bead, while Zari grew angrier and angrier that she could not have ALL of the corn to herself.
Our mornings were full of time well spent with each other. I look forward to my eyes being pryed open and questions of what we can make today even if it is some ungodly hour and I went to bed just a few hours earlier. However, it is a good thing I think my kids a really cute ;)
We kind of hit a lull in our day, in between breakfast and lunch. I was standing around feeling a bit overwhelmed with things I really did intend to do, when I said, "Screw it, you guys wanna dye eggs?" Of course the answer was an exuberant, "YES!!". Yes, we dyed eggs in the middle of November with 1 of the 10 Easter Egg dying kits I bought last year during the 90% off sale. Man I love those!!!
Coral patiently waiting for her egg to turn the perfect hue.
Nishan says, "Peace Out, Yo". Yes, he did ask that I caption his picture with that.
Lillitha thought it might be nice to match her hands to her egg coloring.
Zari is a little dazed and confused about how she will be using the very things I keep well out of her reach every morning.
Look, Look, it is Hello Kitty riding a bike on our kitchen table!!!
And, now here friends have joined her...
I really enjoy watching my children create in our home. We had a ton of fun with our diy bargain kits. I would love to hear any simple and inexpensive ideas you have fun with in your homes!

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