Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Hubby & Our Son

My husband and son have began hiking each Saturday together. You can read more about it on their blog, here. I love, love, love that they have taken on this absolutely awesome adventure! My son is one little dude amongst his 3 sisters. They love him dearly, but they are A LOT of girl! And my guy, is a whole lotta boy! My boys are enjoying their time together and I am really enjoying witnessing all of the good that has come with this new addition into our very busy lives.
All of the kiddos are vying to get a bit of daddy one on one time now. Lillitha was second in line! Jason and her hung out at the coffee shop per her request. She asked if her dad would take her on a date to eat candy and drink soda. That is soooo....right up her alley.
I believe that this time is invaluable to each of our children and I hope that all of us hold on tight to these moments. With four children I find I am constantly juggling my attention, my husband seems to have found his rhythm with our children and meeting each of their needs. I have watched this story unfold over the past few years and it is both fascinating and beautiful.
I hope I will follow in my dear husbands footsteps sooner than later, but while I am still juggling I will be happy to be a bystander, watching the beauty of his relationship with our children.
And seriously take a look at their blog! Very cool!!!

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