Thursday, November 25, 2010


So, so, so very much for us to be grateful for!!! Just as any other family we have our ups and downs. Looking back on the past few years I feel like we made it through some of our worst downhills we have experienced in our almost 9 years of marriage. These downhills each taught us something different and sometimes these lessons stuck, and other times we had to experience another downhill to really get it, and unfortunately sometimes it took 3 or 4 downhills. Tis' is life. I love that in these past few years we were forced to rely heavily on each other. We had to dig deep within ourselves and face feelings we had never felt, as were dealing with things we had never expected to have to deal with. We were strong together, we persevered, and today we are better. I am just as thankful for the downhills as I am the uphills.

The kids and I have been reading The Little House on the Prairie series and Three Cups of Tea. Reading these books is a daily reminder of the hardships that these characters and very real people experienced and are experiencing. Many of there battles are things that are totally unimaginable to my family based on the current time and the country where we live. I am grateful everyday for the daily nuances that we were granted, but reading these books has humbled me just a little bit more.

We have so very much, we are bountiful with love, health, family, friends and a whole lot of stuff!!! We have it all. I do not know if this is luck, or playing your cards right, but what I do know that life has brought us more than enough. I hope it keeps on bringing the good and the forced lessons as I know there is always room to grow.

I cannot put it all into words for you, as being thankful stems from deep within me, and it was not something I was capable of grasping until I had lived a little. And, that I am eternally grateful for! I am so thankful that I get that warmth that turns my cheeks red and I want to scream, "DUDE, LIFE IS ABSOLUTELY RADICAL"!!!

Our lives are tremendous and when they are not, they still kick ass!!!

Hoping all of you have a ton to be thankful also!!!

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